interaction & Visual designer


Papertronics is an educational DIY toolkit designed to help middle school classrooms to explore the intersection of storytelling, visual art, and material science through related hands-on activities. The toolkit consists of five folded paper shapes - each embedded with electronic circuitry that cause distinct movements in the paper when connected to a power source. Papertronics can inspire unique curricular activities such as:

  • Constructing moving landscapes in an art class
  • Bringing stories to life through moving pop-up book scenes in a language arts class
  • Experimenting with leverage points to drive home lessons about natural science and the physical qualities of paper


Concept development, visual and interaction design, origami, electronics


Over a rapid 2.5-week time-frame, our team prototyped and designed an educational toolkit that enables 9-13 year olds to give life-like movement to paper constructions by using simple electronics and sensors. With Papertronics, students can design and fold their own creatures that move at the press of a button, test the boundaries of material strength, or link their creations together to demonstrate the cause and effect of systems. Papertronics transforms the simple sheet of paper into a memorable experience that inspires curiosity and ignites student engagement.