Culinary Adventures

User researcher & interaction designer


Culinary Adventures was inspired by chef Jamie Oliver's national effort to raise awareness about nutrition and health and considered how we might be able to contribution to a solution.  The goal was to explore an educational cooking app design for early adolescents to help change personal and familial eating behaviors. Competitive research suggests that a collaborative hands-on approach to cooking isn't currently in existence for middle schoolers. Knowing that many teachers may not be equipped with the skills or time to integrate and promote nutrition education in their classrooms, this tool is meant to be used in an informal learning environment such as a home or after-school program.


  • Participatory Design with Kids (Ages 8-13)
  • Concepting
  • Sketching & Storyboards
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototyping on the iPad
  • User Testing with Kids


The final app solution is an educational cooking experience that takes place in the real world. Through interviews and user-testing with excitable 9-12 year olds, we recognized that kids desire to make food with their own hands. Since experimentation can create opportunities for confidence-building, the focus is on the creation of a tangible output -- healthy meals that are appropriate for family members' food preferences and limitations -- based on instruction from a digital platform.