Children's Creativity Museum

Associate director of marketing


The Children’s Creativity Museum is an interactive art and technology museum for kids in downtown San Francisco.


As the Associate Director of Marketing at the Children's Creativity Museum, I was responsible for leading the organization's marketing efforts. I identified, evaluated, and executed opportunities to increase the museum's visibility (both online and offline). To achieve this, I spent two years developing and implementing the strategy for renaming and rebranding the museum from Zeum to the Children's Creativity Museum. During the process, I had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the top tier global branding firm Landor & Associates for the design of our new logo and visual identity, as well as Rassak Experience for a full web and mobile redesign. During our user-centered design process, I conducted interviews with our target audience, prototyped ideas, and conducted usability evaluations.


*2012 Webby Award Honoree for Web (Cultural Institutions)

When the Children's Creativity Museum launched with its new name, web / mobile experience, exhibits, signage, and advertising campaign in October 2011, the visual transformation was astounding and attracted over 5,000 visitors to the grand opening event. Since then, the Children's Creativity Museum has seen a 36% increase in weekly attendance, a 43% increase in website traffic from the previous year, and a 49% increase in the average number of new members who join each month.