A Year in Review: Go Go Games

Our team at Go Go Games Studios spent over six months working with therapists, game designers, educators, and young learners to research, design, and develop our inaugural iPad app. After putting on all of the finishing touches, we were ready to release Go Go Games on iTunes\. Since then, we’ve been overjoyed by the positive reviews we’ve received from around the world!

Ahem… hope you don’t mind if we toot our horn! Here are a few major highlights:

We feel incredibly fortunate to have such tremendous support around our innovative approach to game-based therapies for children with autism. And while our games have been specifically designed for children with autism in mind, it’s universally agreed upon that they’re beneficial for all children. Teachers With Apps says that Go Go Games promotes “deeper learning through totally enjoyable activities and we highly recommend that it be played with all kids, autistic or not.” That’s right — it’s doubly awesome!

So, you may be wondering… what’s next for Go Go Games? We’re already off to a great start for the new year. Just last week, we received an ★ Editor’s Choice Award ★ for Excellence in Design from Children’s Technology Review. We’re exceptionally proud of the quality of our work and we continue to strive to design products that both amuse and educate the children we serve. In the coming months, we’ll be collaborating with research teams at Stanford University and the University of Washington to study the effectiveness of our current games. Of course, the big (and important) news is that we’re in the process of developing our next product!