Go Go Games Unveiled

The Learning, Design & Technology Expo at Stanford University marked an exciting moment for Alexis Hiniker, Heidi Williamson, and me when we unveiled , the project that we’ve poured hearts and souls into for the past four months.

We were very proud to present in front of a distinguished panel of edtech leaders, academics, autism specialists, and design industry professionals, which included:

After our presentation, we were ecstatic about the feedback and excitement surrounding our project!

Wow. This is a project to keep an eye on, and when Go Go Games comes to the iTunes Store (soon, say the team), I’d heartily recommend this app to all families, not just those with autistic children. Incredibly thoughtful game design.
— Audrey Watters, Hack Education
Thoughtful analysis of “difficult” and how you design the game to strike perfect balance of increasing difficulty and providing sufficient challenge over repeated game play (or practice). This is not just a one-shot game but training (as you mentioned kids need to actually improve).
— Lori Takeuchi, Ph.D., The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

For us, the process of designing and building Go Go Games was both fun and educational, but we knew that our project would lack meaning if it never achieved its intended purpose: improving the lives of children with autism. For this reason, we plan to submit Go Go Games to the Apple App store by the end of the month. In making the game available to the public, we hope to reach a broad audience of children across the spectrum. In turn, we plan to collect additional learner metrics and usability data to continue to improve on both the interface of the game and the learning it produces. It is our hope that Go Go Games will inspire others to design their own theoretically-grounded apps and casual games that are modeled after proven therapies. The iPad is proving to be an ideal technology for children with ASD, and we believe it has a lot of potential to be not only fun and easy to use, but also educational.

We’re excited by the positive response we’ve already gotten from the parents and educators that helped test Go Go Games and we’re looking forward to sending it out into the world!

Stay tuned for our upcoming release…