At a very early age, I was introduced to some important experiences that have shaped who I am today.

My father, an electrical engineer and tech gadget fiend, exposed me to all kinds of new technologies when I was a child. He put me way ahead of the curve by encouraging me to tinker by his side with computers and electronics. My mother, an educator of kids with special needs, emphasized the importance of the arts, culture, and hands-on learning. Whenever she planned a family trip, she made sure that it was tied to a fun and educational experience. Needless to say, I developed an affinity for exploration, geeking out, and creative play.

I've worn many hats throughout my career, which makes me a bit of a Swiss Army knife. I'm an alum of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (“”) with a Master’s degree in Learning, Design & Technology from Stanford University. Upon graduation, I co-founded Go Go Games Studios, a design studio and research lab.

These days, you'll find me doing user research and interaction design at Punchcut, a user interface design agency specializing in mobile and connected products in San Francisco.