Digital Design for Kids

I create fun and engaging experiences for children that foster learning and creativity. My extensive background in design and research is focused on user-centered design, early education, and gamification. I am passionate about designing and developing multi-device interfaces for apps, toys, and video games.


UX/UI Design


I design simple and intuitive user interfaces to support and improve people’s lives (preferably those with little hands!). I love bringing creative ideas to life. I put users at the heart of my design process because that’s where I gain the most valuable insights to develop the best solutions.



Social Entrepreneur

DESIGNING for impact

I’m the co-founder of Go Go Games Studios, a design studio and research lab that translates evidence-based therapies into award-winning iPad games for children with autism and developmental delays. We pioneer novel uses of technology to help underserved communities.


Design Research

identifying + designing for real user needs 

I have a strong sense of empathy and I am extremely sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. As a design researcher, I put myself in other people's shoes so that I can truly understand their individual needs to make smart and informed design decisions.


Marketing Communications

making connections + building brands

With deep expertise in marketing and public relations, I work with corporations, start-ups, non-profits and agencies to create brands, launch products/services, handle media relations, and lead strategic partnerships.